Teen Hiking Abduction

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Teen Hiking Abduction Starring: Cadence Lux • Brick Danger • Sydney Cole • Tiffany Watson • Kharlie Stone • Lydia Black

Actors: Tiffany Watson Kharlie Stone and Brick Danger
Nothing gets past the watchful eye of Ranger Dick in his own little acre of nature, especially pretty blonde teenage girls with superior tits like Tiffany Watson. Tiffany is brought to the desolate location under the phony premise of a lovely nature hike by Kharlie. After a time wandering around in the thick, creepy, dark, forest, a scary looking guy wearing a mask jumps out of the bushes and chases the two, separating them from one another. Tiffany finds friendly Ranger Dick’s cabin, but unfortunately for her, he’s off the clock and unwilling to help out. But, perhaps a deep throat blowjob will change his mind? Yes, it does, and even though the master has agreed to help, he still ties her wrists together with rope and gives her face a frenzied fucking while she gags on his fat dick. Next, ranger Dick eats her gorgeous ass and bald pussy. He ties her wrists to the headboard and fucks the living daylights out of her until he conjures up a big load of fresh white dairy cream to dump all over her face.

Actors: Sydney Cole, Kharlie Stone and Brick Danger
As long as there are dumb teen girls in this world, Ranger Brick will always have his hands-and mouth, full of tender young pussy. He loves engaging in extreme teen sex games and role playing in his creepy cabin in the old north woods. All the girls end up there eventually, and all of them learn to unleash their inner kinky self when Master Brick issues a command. Sydney Cole is just another face for Sir Brick to drop a load upon. Her re-education begins when he catches her breaking into his cabin. Actually, she was just waiting for a friend who did break in, but details don’t matter here. All that does matter is the sloppy deep throat blowjob she offers in exchange for not being arrested. The lovely young Sydney gives his hung cock a fine and vigorous suckle. Next, Brick taps that tight, pink pussy hard in doggie, cowgirl and spoon positions. When he has had enough, he gives the squealing and moaning teen tramp a thick mustache of cum for her to wear when he throws her out into the darkness. Well done, Ranger Brick!

Actors: Cadence Lux, Lydia Black and Brick Danger
Aspiring cat burglar Cadence Lux, along with her partner in crime, Lydia Black, plan on robbing an empty cabin in the woods of its valuables to help pay their college tuition, but not before a lezzie make-out session and a run-in with a creepy park ranger who warns them not to defile his woods. Unfortunately, the two extreme teen sex maniacs get separated and Lydia disappears. Poor Cadence becomes desperately lost and it’s getting dark. Luckily, she finds a cabin with the lights on and to her surprise, Ranger Brick opens the door. Despite their earlier hostilities, he agrees to help, he even allows Cadence to take a shower. When the ranger finds burglary tools in Cadences backpack however, he regrets his hospitality, but not as much as Cadence will! In order to avoid arrest and expulsion from college, Cadence has to make a fast deal with the ranger. She agrees to her new masters terms. In a flash, her wrists are bound with rope and her sex slave training begins. No humiliation is spared as Ranger Brick face fucks the pretty blonde and makes her give him a hot, sloppy, deep throat blowjob. Hard and fast finger fucking, and hard slapping and spanking of her most delicate areas. Ranger Brick indulges her in loud rough sex from beginning to end with a big load for Cadence’s eyes and mouth.