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Bizarre Video has over 20 years of Fetish/BDSM content, spanning across over a 1000 titles (complete movies) of varying niches:

  • Bondage/Kink: Over 650 scenes!
  • Male Dom: Over 350 scenes!
  • Female Domme: Over 400 scenes!
  • Lesbian Fetish: Over 300 scenes!
  • Foot/Pantyhose: Over 300 scenes!
  • Big Boobs: Over 80 scenes!
  • Spanking Discipline: Over 420 scenes!
  • Enema: Over 250 scenes!
  • Fetish Sex: Over 100 scenes!
  • HD Sex: Over 60 scenes!
  • She-Male/Tranny: Over 500 scenes!
  • Wrestling: Over 100 scenes!
Variety of Bizarre Video Trailers
Behind The Mask Taboo Teens: Paddled & Plugged
Baby In Chains Deviant Doctors
Eve Angel’s Strap-On Sluts 50 Shades of Bizarre
Innocents Taken 4: Domestic Discipline Kinky Fetish Models
Latex Pets Untamed Lesbian Control 2
Serving Their Masters My Little Plaything
Spank Me Please 3 Threeways: The Strap-On Sessions
Purity Corrupted That’s Someone’s Mom
The Real Housewives of Kink Tit-illating Fuck Fest 2

The footage of all niches ranges from the most extreme of action down to the most introductory and soft-core of scenes. This type of entertainment (fetish/BDSM/S&M) is coming more and more into demand to the online adult-entertainment seeker (as well as the mainstream public) due to the global popularity of the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon. This cultural break-through has single handedly brought the fetish lifestyle into the spotlight and opened up the curiosity of every level of society in all cultures. The fetish industry, entertainment, public clubs and retail sources have experienced a wide boom and the demand is steadily growing:

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  2. Article on Fetish Retail Sales
  3. Article on Bringing 50 Shades Of Grey into Your Bedroom (consumer romance advice)
  4. article on Fetish Retail responding to the “50 Shades” phenomenon
  5. Record Profits for Random House due to publication of 50 Shades Of Grey

And with the production and release of the “50 Shades Of Grey” movie (IMDB Entry), this popularity has had its resurgence, and opens the doors to a whole NEW audience as well (those who never read the books to begin with)…the VISUAL population. Those who seeks their entertainment VISUALLY. The Online Adult Video Content Seeker…

When reviewing the web-based fetish content/video footage available for the public, on the plethora of available tube sites and fetish entertainment/membership sites across the internet, it became apparent that things most often fell into one of two categories:

  • Extreme/Hardcore BDSM & Fetish: Content shot and produced by some of the leading fetish/kink online presences currently was found to be geared towards the long-standing and experienced fetish enthusiast or lifestyler. This content often features scenes of extreme bondage, torture, gang bang, public humiliation, hardcore corporal discipline, forced scenarios, etc… While alluring and entertaining for those who seek more extreme BDSM entertainment, this hardcore material may not be palatable to the newcomer or those just budding into fetish curiosity. This material may not speak to them, and might be too intense..
  • Amateur Produced Video scenes/clips: There is a flood of amateur scenes (those shot by people at home with a hand held camera to express there fetishes and kink) on various tube sites. The “BDSM” and “BONDAGE” categories across the tube site scene is filled with darkly lit, poorly shot clips of undesirable, unattractive novices that serve neither to display fetish in the proper light or to be desirable to watch.

This is where Bizarre’s content comes in. By being both Professionally Produced and on par with the most refined material available on the internet, AND by focusing on the high fetish (not the extremity of the violence/aggression) – it is medium-core enough to be very palatable and accessible to this burgeoning audience. This is the material that will titillate and excite with beautifully shot and produced scenes, WITHOUT scaring or ostracizing the newly curious enthusiast. The perfect fit for this middle ground that will be in high demand for those seeking this entertainment soon…