Master’s Revenge

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Master's Revenge Starring: Shay Evans • Tommy Pistol

Shay has been a very naughty slave, and she needs to be brought to her knees, made to kiss her master’s feet and endure anal plugs and a rough fucking! It’s time to teach this whore how to be used properly and to appreciate being the cunt pig that she is…

Scene 1: Master’s Revenge
Actors: Shay Evans and Tommy Pistol
Sex goddess, Shay Evans makes a huge mistake as she harshly rejects the polite advances of timid, Tommy Pistol. Shay forcefully slaps and verbally humiliates Tommy as he attempts to overcome his fear and talk to her. Enraged, and for the first time, Master Thomas becomes possessed by the dark side and swears to seek revenge on this beautiful, stuck up, bitch.

Time passes, an exchange is made, a debt is paid. Soon, all hell breaks loose, and another slave is brought to submission. Blowjobs, blindfolds, nipple clamps, ball gags, floggers, foot worship, pony tail butt plugs; all become tools of retribution for an insult to The Master.