BizarreOween 2019

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BizarreOween 2019 Starring: Latex Lucy • Angelica Heart • Candy Alexa • Kai Taylor • Tracy Lindsay • Kayla Green • Aisha San • Bob Terminator

Trick or Treat…It’s time to get your freak on! Dress up, and get down…these costumed perverts use their role-play fantasies to get off for your entertainment! Watch take on the role, and fuck hard!

Actors: Angelica Heart and Latex Lucy
Latex Lucy as the human kitty and Angelica Heart as her mistress! Things seem calm for the moment, now that Lucy has been disciplined for disobeying. Lucy savors her owner’s snatch, and then is rewarded by being fondled through her catsuit. Judging by how pretty Angelica’s peach looks, she must have lots of willing candidates for service underneath her. But then she reciprocates, spitting on Lucy’s labia through the crotch hole in the catsuit and licking away as they indulge in a bit of sixty-nine. What has Angelica in mind next? She feeds Lucy some champagne then feeds her pussy. Lucy squats over the bottle while she continues to lick her mistress. Angelica sits on Lucy’s back and keeps fucking her with the bottle, and then pours the libation from a glass all over her quim as Lucy licks it up. Lucy has been a good kitty, and Angelica pets her as the scene comes to a close.

Actors: Candy Alexa and Kai Taylor
A BDSM prescription sometimes helps against blue balls. The British Doc with brunette hair and brown eyes crams his hot nurse’s mouth with a black gag-ball. The blue-eyed beauty loves role playing with her boss and asks him to put handcuffs around her wrists. She wanks his boner and gives him a hand-job before he licks her trimmed pussy. Once that gag-ball has been removed, the Doc crams her deep throat with his rod and starts fucking her snatch from behind. Kai probes her tight anus with his fingers and inserts two fingers deep into her asshole. The Doc’s tongue licking lubes up her derriere and prepares it for his thick prick. Kai bangs the submissive nurse doggy style and ass-fucks her until her asshole gapes! The horny nurse rides his big dong in reverse cowgirl style and fingers her pussy at the same time. Finally, she receives a big load of cum on her face.

Actors: Tracy Lindsay and Kayla Green
Lounging about, Tracy puts her flaming red lipstick on, slides her long slim legs into those tight latex stilettos that simply looks delicious. What’s that rabbit doing on that couch? Ha! That’s her naughty girlfriend Kayla Green. She’s gotten super horny watching her chick getting all dressed up. It’s time to reverse that! The Easter Bunny wants her treat as well in the form of a Naked Tracy. As the clothing peels away, Easter bunny licks Tracy’s pussy and plays with her titties. Bunny straps on a flesh colored dildo and rams it deep into Tracy’s cunt and enjoys some face sitting right before ramming that flesh-colored Easter cock deep into her. Tracy rides that carrot like a cowgirl, then gets fucked like a rabbit in doggy style. Her fluffy fury bunny friend makes her dirtiest dreams come true while she enjoys a series of orgasms.

Actors: Aisha San and Bob Terminator
Lounging about, Tracy puts her flaming red lipstick on, slides her good. And her commanding officer, Sergeant Krumpke isn’t exactly a model trooper either. She is summoned to his office to answer for some of her latest slack and sloppy conduct. Unfortunately for Aisha, Sergeant Krumpke has been hitting the bottle, before she arrives. The Sergeant, bolstered by a few glasses of Scotch, takes a draconian approach in disciplining his subordinate. After a series of strokes to the poor privates thrust out bottom, he commands her to clean up the office. Aisha shows her disdain and disinterest for the army by tapping into the Sergeant’s liquor booty instead of following orders. Caught red handed with her feet on the desk, and a mouthful of Scotch, the Sergeant is both furious and soused. He follows his initial discipline routine with a long hard battering to the Privates bared bottom, making her regret the army even more. Spurred on by the sight of Aisha’s reddened cheeks, the Sergeant finds duties more fitting to the wayward and insubordinate soldier under his command. Aisha appears to perform these rather well.