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Hold on to your hats (or cuffs and paddles, for that matter)!  Bizarre Video, the fetish juggernaut, is back on the block…and looking to take over the neighborhood. Coming out from a tradition of over 30 years, with more than 1000 titles to its credit, they are hitting the scene again in true “2.0” fashion – reinvented and recharged – with their first two NEW releases, since the ever popular “50 Shades Of Bizarre”. Having survived evolving technology, style and public demand, Bizarre is still producing cutting-edge adult fetish entertainment with a string of new releases that speak to the fetish audience and tastes of today.

Back at the helm, after a brief time away, Keith Gordon (former Vice President and Creative Force behind Bizarre Video) is joined by sister Ellen Fiore, and together they have reinvented the approach and vision to take Bizarre to the edge of where fetish entertainment – both on film and on the web – seems to be heading. Building off the rich tradition of Bizarre’s general mass appeal to both the fetish newcomer and the seasoned veteran, the all-new productions will weave this mainstream approach with a pushing of the envelope towards edgier and more sexually-driven material (to align with the demand of new, more “kink acceptable”, audiences).

The first two releases out of the gate were “My Little Plaything” and “Innocents Taken 3”. Two beautifully shot, masterfully edited and erotically concepted films containing the hottest of casts, most alluring scenarios and pant-dropping action! These films feature full fetish play, explicit sexual antics and wonderfully alluring talent to bring you the most eye-popping of welcome backs this long-time fetish giant can offer.

These two new releases kick off the start of a guaranteed “2 NEW titles a month” release schedule for Bizarre, and this come back will also include a revamping of their website, BizarreVideo.com to include new features, updated archive material (spanning their 30 plus year history of films) and all new updates of recently produced titles. Also, Bizarre is putting together exclusive offerings to their customers and vendors of newly collected “grab bags” of current and archived titles from their entire history. SO, look for deals to come amidst the launch of this new phase of fetish mania.

Keep your eyes peeled, and your kink at high alert…Bizarre is heading your way and roaring their all-new engines down YOUR street today! For more information or to inquire about any releases, contact Keith Gordon at keith@bizarrevideo.com.